The experience of Annastacia

Hello, my name is Annastacia Kitavi, I am 22 years old and from Msambweni sub-location, Kwale County. I work at a salon to cater for my daily basics and am also studying to get my Diploma in Cosmetology at Dykaam College in Nairobi. 

The reason I joined the Digitruck program is, that I am interested in technology and the Internet. I learned about the program from my father who heard a word in the community. I have benefited from the program in many ways. For example I can comfortably use Internet apps and I can also prepare reports now. With skills I gained I can train teachers on the easiest way to record student’s marks in school. 

The program has really impacted my daily life. I can say that I’m not the same now. I have digital skills. The program has also impacted my environment, people in my area are very idol so I will use this knowledge to train them. 

In five years, God willing I will have my own computer school where I can train other people. Would I recommend joining the Digitruck program program to other people? Yes, yes I would. 

What I can suggest for the effectiveness of the program and so that many youths can benefit is addition of more laptops and the program to be frequently done everywhere. Thank you.