A three pillar program towards impacting the growth of decent work opportunities, green business, and access to sustainable technology, while fostering the circular economy of Mombasa.


BOOST is a 3 pilar program that supports the growth of decent work opportunities, green business, and access to sustainable technology, while fostering the circular economy of Mombasa.

With Close the Gap Kenya’s Close the Gap HUB; our inspirational one-stop-shop and the Circular Economy HUB; our IT disposition (ITAD) facility. We have built a partnership with Crosswise Works and MDF and developed the 3 pilar incubation program BOOST.

With BOOST, we aim to secure Mombasa’s environmental sustainability, increase access to sustainable IT & digital tools, improve workforce relations, create decent jobs, and equal opportunities for a growing youth population. We work with young job seekers, entrepreneurs, innovators, established businesses, universities, community-based organizations, government agencies and international companies. Together we use tech to build towards a greener, more sustainable Mombasa.

BOOST is designed to support the growth of the circular economy in Mombasa while supporting youth to find or create employment. We work with youth and companies to increase their involvement in the circular economy, to increase access to high-quality and sustainable ICT assets, and to become greener businesses that create jobs with good working conditions.

boost your business

Boost Your Business supports young entrepreneurs to develop businesses and seek out opportunities in the formal sector that contribute to the environmental sustainability of Mombasa, following the model of the circular economy. BYB offers a series of professional and business development programs, including Inspiration Days, Co-Creation Days, and a Business Incubator. This pillar is headed by Crosswise Works.

boost your learning

Boost Your Learning offers training in technical and soft skills through a NITA accredited curriculum and other curricula. It supports youth, companies, and their employees to improve relations, working life, and impact through increased understanding of e-waste, circular economy, repair and maintenance of ICT items, and soft skills. We also campaign to raise awareness of e-waste and the circular economy with the public, government, and industry leaders. This pillar is headed by MDF.

boost your technology

Boost Your Tech raises awareness of e-waste, and makes high-quality, locally refurbished IT and digital tools more affordable and accessible to youth, entrepreneurs, schools and universities, and social impact organizations across Kenya. Boost Your Tech runs an internship program, connecting high-performing young professionals to internships with partners. This pillar is headed by Close The Gap.

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