Why it is always a good idea to co-work at our co-working space at Ratna Square

August 2021

Our co-working space “Close the Gap HUB” is created in Mombasa at Ratna Square. It is the dynamic heart for individual and international co-workers, young entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

In COVID times co-working doesn’t seem like the best thing to do. But if you keep to COVID measures it can be very benefitting for both companies and employees. Employees still have the freedom to work in a way that’s best for them while having an inspiring and motivating environment. It basically allows you to work remotely but you are still in a “professional” setting. You get in touch with different people from different companies allowing you to expand your networking opportunities. It also allows you to rotate work settings by changing your workspace which makes it more ergonomic. Plus you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

Our inspirational and spacious co-working space even has meeting rooms to host all your meetings and events. The members can exercise in the mini-gym during their breaks.
Young start-ups can benefit from an incubation program called “BOOST”. There is also an innovational maker space, where users can access state-of-the-art machinery.

If after all this you require a break, you can have lunch at the Close the Gap Café, where they sell an excellent range of coffee, pastries, and tasty baguettes.

Try out our co-working space for half a day for free, download our new half-day voucher here: https://closethegap.co.ke/halfdayvoucher/