The digitruck

If students cannot reach education, we bring education to them

What is the Digitruck?

The digitruck

The Digitruck is a 40ft HC refurbished shipping container that has been converted into a mobile state-of-the-art digital classroom with connectivity that is completely self-sustainable and can reach remote locations.

The Digitruck consists of:

  • A refurbished 40ft shipping container with 6 windows, a door and foldable stairs
  • 20 laptops or tablets
  • 1 printer
  • 20 foldable desks and chairs
  • A modem and Wi-Fi router with connectivity through the mobile network or satellite connection
  • 1 large LED flatscreen or beamer
  • Fans or air conditioning
  • Solar power system with a battery pack that provides enough energy to function completely off grid




students reached in remote communities


Tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided

Why the Digitruck?

We live in an increasingly globalized and digitalized world, the ones that are not connected to this digital environment can be left out from many political, business, and social information opportunities, further widening the digital divide. The Digitruck is a unique innovation that is closing the access, ability and actual use gap by taking digital skills to remote communities.

ICT4D projects are dependent on the electricity grid, which is scarce in most remote and rural communities. Close the gap is trying to remove this dependency by providing a state-of-the-art mobile digital classroom that is completely self-sufficient with connectivity, installed solar system and can reach any remote community.

Knowledge of digital skills has become an indispensable part of the educational curriculum and is a crucial employable skill in the (global) job market. The Digitruck ensures many in underserved communities access this skill.

Lack of digital skills affects the basic education completion rate due to low learning outcomes, further limiting the life opportunities for many young people.

Many rural and remote communities rely on Agriculture as a source of food, but productivity remains relatively low due to lack of technological and market information. Rural incomes increase when ICT is used to access knowledge and information

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Where is the Digitruck?

Where we are?

Presently, Close the Gap has deployed 9 Digitrucks in Europe and Africa with the help of various partners and sponsors:

Digitruck Locations

Tanzania (2014) 

  • Operator: Neema International
  • Sponsor: Arrow US
  • Location: Moshi

South Africa (2015)

  • Operator: Code 4 Cape Town
  • Sponsor: Deloitte Belgium
  • Location: Cape Town

Congo (2015)

  • Operator: Maision Des Avoirs
  • Sponsor: Brussels Government
  • Location: Kinshasha

South Africa (2016)

  • Operator: TIMU
  • Sponsor: DuMoulin United Petfoods
  • Location: Hermanus

Kenya (2017)

  • Operator: CFSK and WEEE Center
  • Sponsor: Arrow US
  • Location: Throughout Kenya

Kenya (2019)

  • Operator: CFSK
  • Sponsor: Huawei Kenya
  • Location: Throughout Kenya

Zambia (2020)

  • Operator: Project Luangwa
  • Sponsor: Patel Family/ 3i
  • Location: Mfuwe

Ethiopia (2021)

  • Operator: ICog Labs
  • Sponsor: Huawei Ethiopia
  • Location: Adis Abababa

France (2021)

  • Operator: Simplon
  • Sponsor: Huawei France
  • Location: North of France


Partner with the digitruck program

Running a Digital skills program in a remote community?

Passionate about bridging the Digital skills gap and creating social impact?

Excited about creating lasting impact in underserved and remote communities?

Then contact us for more information on how you can partner with us.

We appreciate the sponsors who have helped us create impact in Sub Saharan Africa and France.

We seek more support to reach more remote communities and bridge the digital divide.

Support us to build more Digitrucks and reach underserved communities.

Frustrated by conducting trainings in remote areas due to long distances?

Planning short term trainings across vast areas?

Then the Digitruck has you covered!

Contact us with details of training period, target numbers and locations and we can provide a customized offering for your organization.


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