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Are you a Mombasa based business or organisation seeking to make your business environmental sustainable? Do you have challenges on re-use, recycling or refurbishing?

BOOST project wishes to assist you solve one of these challenges.

On 18th September 2020, BOOST will bring together youth in Mombasa to assist a local business solve/ hack solutions for you!

What do you stand to benefit?

1. Different and varied solutions to your business environmental challenge you are facing.

2. Training on proper e-waste management and environmental sustainability for your organisation.

3. Soft skills training for the organisation based on a need analysis.

4. Continuous coaching.

5. Part of the BOOST network; providing you access to information on sustainable business practices.

You must be willing to

1. Share information of the challenge

2. Be present on the 18th September

3. Work with the upcoming ideas team

Our promise

1. Confidentiality of the case

2. Provide the company with new and realistic out-of-the-box ideas.

If you are that business, submit your case/challenge to hello@boost-yourbusiness.com and fill this form.
Deadline for submission 7th September 2020. For further inquiries call Lillian on 0715 541703 or Eva 0733 253057

BOOST project implemented by MDF Training and Consultancy, Close the Gap Kenya, Crosswise Works in partnership with NITA, aims to advance Mombasa’s environmental sustainability by providing an opportunity and space for the youth to innovate and solve local challenges through business incubation process, skill development and access to co-creation space to invent and innovate.

Our events

Even if there is no event at close the gap hub, you are always welcome to drop by and vist our office space, meeting-rooms, maker-space and restaurant.

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