Our Interns about their experience at the circular economy HUB

Happy faces at the circular economy HUB

We have a returning internship program at the Circular Economy HUB. On a regular base we hire interns, to teach them everything about our ITAD process and warehousing. 

Read all about their experience as interns at the Circular Economy HUB.  We have a revolving intern program so if you would be interested, don’t hesitate to contact us via, info@closethegap.org.  

Elizabeth Sammy

My name is Elizabeth Sammy and I am 22 years old. I am from Mombasa.

I am a student at Technical University of Mombasa studying computer science.

My internship at Close the Gap Kenya has been great. I really like the hands-on experience I got and the new skills I keep on learning every day. I like the fact that I got an opportunity to be able to work with an amazing team who are willing and ready to teach and help wherever necessary.

The internship has been beneficial, I can now identify almost every computer related problem and be able trouble shoot a computer, repair a laptop on my own. I got an opportunity to interact with different software and I can use them well.

One day I hope to be in a position where I’m empowering women into the Tech world. Have a team of women who are committed and are all about finding new ideas on ways of improving technology and building a tech support group and a company. I want to be able to teach and implement all the skills I’ve acquired and be able to bring an impact into the community.

Internship circular economy HUB Mombasa
Internship circular economy HUB Mombasa

Faith Mutheu

I am Faith Mutheu, a finalist pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Technical University of Mombasa. I am passionate about technology and I’m constantly sharpening my skills in the field. My expectation for the internship was to acquire hardware skills in IT which has indeed been fruitful. Throughout my internship, I have been able to not only create unforgettable memories with the team but also be a better person that is mindful about circularity and social impact. My advice to the incoming interns would be to bpositive and ready to learn since it is the best place for young people who are willing to grow!

Emmanuel Agenya

I am Emmanuel Agenya Opino, a 3rd year student at The Technical University of Mombasa pursuing Bachelor’s in Information Technology. I am passionate about IT, computer hardware maintenance, software development and networking. 

I was glad when I got this internship opportunity at the CEH since it presented an opportunity to advance my skills in the computer hardware field. I have been able to amass numerous skills in diagnostics and maintenance of faulty computers, disk cloning and installation of software after such a short while. In addition, I’ve been able to learn about a warehouse management system called Fris that is used to keep track of stock. Mr. Timothy Wachira and the rest of the team have inspired me to reason broadly .Order picking and computer testing are some moments I’ve always enjoyed at the CEH.  

The highlight of my internship was a training I did for the Digitrack students on computer maintenance .It was really enjoyable since I also got to gain a lot of knowledge from the research I did and loved it when the students understood everything I shared. Thanks to the Digitrack Team!  

This internship program is a great step towards achieving my dream goal. I finished the program a more competent man who is able to learn faster and apply the knowledge and skill gained. It has trained me to be hardworking, humble and careful in all that I do. It has taught me to be flexible in my reasoning. Thanks to everyone who made this program impactful to me.  May you impact more lives. To future interns in the CEH; be ready to learn and roll up your sleeves to work, never waste any given opportunity. Be always available when needed. Embrace everyone and make use of their availability.  

Internship circular economy HUB Mombasa

Laura Lesley

It has been a great experience working at Close the Gap, Circular Economy Hub being part of a great company that believes and is dedicated to bridge the access to digital solutions in developing and emerging countries. 

Working as an intern to Close the Gap, Circular Economy Hub, has served me with very different challenges each day which has enabled me to advance my skills and knowledge on warehousing, computer hardware maintenance, and support.

During this internship, I acquired skills from different fields enabling me to have a better understanding on Inventory and sales, inventory system and its operability, repair of faulty desktop and laptops, installation and activation of computer software, computer maintenance and support, testing, and sorting of monitors, desktops and laptops depending on their specifications and software troubleshooting.  

I got to learn a lot around warehousing and computer hardware and the importance of a good warehousing system that enables smooth day-to-day operations in the warehouse. Great teamwork and conducive and safe working environment adhering to all the COVID-19 health regulations. 

I would like to acknowledge the Manager, Mr. Timothy Wachira, warehouse supervisor, Norman, and my team Peter and Alex for their continuous contribution and support during the internship. 



Alex Onyango Agut

Having worked for the company for a duration of two months, two weeks as an intern. It has been of great experience from the date I joined Close the Gap family. It is one of the best computers refurbishing company having collaborated with different institutions worldwide to close digital world gaps. 

As an intern have been able to learn different skills empowering my knowledge day by day.  Have been able to expand my level of intellect through computer maintenance and assembly, inventory and sales, understanding of inventory system and its operability, testing and sorting of monitors depending on the brand and screen sizes, desktops and laptops, different laptop model numbers and screen sizes, installation of windows and office, activation of windows key and office, desktops and laptops repair, windows software troubleshootingDuring CCTV installation I also came to learn that there are some CCTV that allows transmission of data and power in the same cable e.g., POE CCTV. 

I would also like to acknowledge Close the gap for giving me chance to explore, my manager Mr. Timothy, supervisor Mr. Norman, warehouse staff Mr. Peter and fellow intern Laura. The team made it possible through inclusion of warehouse activities and willingness to instill knowledge.  

Alex Onyango pursued Bachelor of Technology in information and communication technology in Technical University of Mombasa waiting for Graduation on February 25th, 2021. And worked as warehouse assistant in Close the Gap. 


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