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Vacancy Close the Gap Kenya: Digitruck Project Manager


Assist the Project Coordinator in business development efforts for new Digitruck projects inAfrica; approaching potential funders, applying for subsidies and grants, working out alternativesources of income (such as lease-structures or event-based services) and promoting the project atevents.

Project management of current and new Digitruck projects in Kenya, Ethiopia and Zambia; budgetmonitoring, assisting the educational partner in reporting and M&E, arranging repairs and aftercare ofthe installation.

Project monitoring of independently operating Digitruck projects in Congo, Tanzania and South-Africa and creating a Digitruck community-platform

Project management of the construction and transport of new Digitrucks

Innovating and optimizing current designs (in cooperation with the manufacturer) to the needs of thedifferent stakeholders

Relationship management with sponsors/clients

Building on a sustainable relationship with the manufacturer(s), solar providers and othersuppliers