Ricoh is partnering with Close the Gap and Copy Cat Group to make affordable quality printing accessible for social impact projects, startups & entrepreneurs, and public and private schools & learning institutions in Kenya.  

about the project

PataPrinterNaRicoh is a shared value project with the aim to develop local knowledge and growth through Ricoh’s core business.

The Social Economic benefits are to provide print and document management facilities to low-income initiatives. With this project we aim to help (social) start-ups, schools, copy-shops, and social businesses to develop without financial pressure.
In other words, “here’s your device to help you grow, when you grow, we grow together”.  We bring in technical know-how regarding refurbishment, in other words, we help build local capacity and expertise.

From an environmental perspective we are providing a circular economic model, which includes local refurbishment and second life in the end dismantling via a closed loop, no uncontrolled end of life e-waste.

#PataPrinterNaRicoh Packages

*All printers are non-colour / black & white

PataPrinter Light

Community based organisations, start-ups, lower volumes

7,633 KSH

PataPrinter Professional

Education sector, small and medium (for profit) enterprises, higher volumes

25,000 KSH

Who qualifies?

social impact projects

startups & entrepreneurs

public and private schools


Read our PataPrinterNaRicoh

Have a look at the stories of other beneficiaries of this CSR project and find out what difference it made for their organisation. 

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The Copy Cat Limited – Service Maintenance Agreement – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who needs Service Agreement?

The Service Agreement is needed for individuals or organizations holding a Ricoh Imaging machine. CSR Customer mandatorily to sign the service agreement at the time of installation.

Why is the service agreement needed?

Service agreement entitles the customer to request for the services in case of the breakdowns and four preventive maintenance services annually to ensure the machine is thoroughly checked and serviced and the customer is advised proactively of any need of spares/ consumables replacement to ensure the optimum performance of the machine.

What are the consequences of not signing the maintenance agreement?

Since this is an electromechanical device, it has lot of moving parts inside which need periodic inspection, service and lubrication. If the machines are not serviced regularly, it may lead to the premature failure of the consumables, which can be higher cost. Hence, it is always advisable to enter into formal service agreement with The Copy Cat Ltd.

Does the contract include spares and consumables?

No. This contract covers for the labour, firmware upgrades (if needed) and the transport cost of the engineer to the customer’s premises. Customer needs to buy all the spares and consumables from The Copy Cat Ltd., needed to maintain the machine in good working condition as and when recommended by the engineer.

Can we source services / spares and consumables from any organisation other than The Copy Cat Ltd.?

No. The customer is contractually bound to source everything from The Copy Cat Ltd. As per the clauses of the SLA

Does The Copy Cat Ltd., provide guarantee of the consumables purchased from them to the subscriber of the contract?

All the consumables have different standard rated life, and any consumable premature failure is compensated to the customer on pro-rate basis for the residual value of the consumable failed prematurely. However, if any attempt by the third party to fix the problem or any damage due to the user negligence is not covered under this guarantee.

What is the cost of the Service Agreement for Ricoh MP 301?

The cost of the service agreement is 25,000(Inclusive of VAT) in Nairobi and major cities like Mombasa, Kisumu Eldoret, and Nakuru.

When is the service contract payable?

The service contract is payable in advance upon signing the contract and effective upon payment by the customer

What is the standard process for the service request for the customers not on the service contract?

The Copy Cat Ltd., standard spot billing charges would be applicable to the customers not on the service contract and the customer will not get priority in terms of the response time as compared to the customer on the service contracts.