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Close the Gap Kenya

The first delivery

Close the Gap Kenya is a social enterprise that aims to bridge the digital divide by offering “nearly new” IT devices to educational, medical, and social projects in developing and emerging countries. These devices are re-manufactured in the Circular Economy HUB where local youngsters can benefit from an internship program.

They also have a one-stop-shop called Close the Gap HUB is which is the dynamic heart for individual and international co-workers, young entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Young start-ups can benefit from an incubation program called “BOOST” and they can make prototypes in the innovational maker space.

We needed a printing device to use in the Circular Economy HUB and at the Close the Gap HUB to provide the possibility for printing at both locations.

This printing device makes it possible to support printing possibilities for the young start-ups and entrepreneurs who are benefiting from the incubation program or working at the Close the Gap HUB.

It also makes a big difference at the Circular Economy HUB we can make our processes more visible by printing and it will help the staff to train the interns.

Swahilipot Hub Foundation

Swahilipot Hub is a community space that focuses with the youth majorly around technology and arts It aims to help the community grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate in their skills, character or with their ideas. We work to develop more successes from the ideas and initiatives that community members work on. We work to avail more resources to community members that will help them achieve their ends. We work to create a supportive community with a strong collaboration culture so that you can work with others to advance your goals.

We needed a printing solution at our Swahilipot hub. The printing device would be used by the youth and internal staff of the hub to scan, print, and photocopy their documents.

A printing solution is one of the most important accessories in any community tech hub. This printing device will enable Swahilipot to support the youth activities in the technology and art communities. They will now be able to scan and save documents online and also create copies of fliers.