The Experience Of Abubakary

My name is Abubakary Hamsi Mwayoyo, I am a 19 years old and I’m a resident of Msambweni. Currently am unemployed but I engage myself with small business so as to earn a living. I also do my savings and I am almost joining Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology Mombasa campus in September to pursue a Certificate in Business Administration. 

I decided to join Digitruck program to acquire knowledge and skills on how to interact and operate a computer. I heard about the Digitruck program through social media and people were sharing the good news through WhatsApp groups. I have fully benefited from this awesome program where as I’m now able to communicate and operate the computer widely not like I thought I could before. The program it has given me the morale to learn more about the digital program and to further develop my skills in technology. 

The Digitruck program has indeed impacted my life as I now have the capability to help and teach people in my society that have no idea on how to operate or use a computer. In the 5 years to come, my dream is to work in a big company as I now have skills on how to run a computer. I can even own a cyber café where I can purchase several computers to teach people in my society on how to interact with the computer. 

I will definitely recommend this program to the people around me because it has truly helped me and I would like them to also benefit as I did. What I can suggest is that the training duration period be extended to a full month so as to get more time to interact with the computer more. Lastly I would like to thank Huawei for bringing this awesome program to Msambweni. It has really benefited a lot of youth here and it has been an eye opener to most of us. Thank you.