The experience of Clementina

My name is Clementina Marsha Nduku, I am 19 years old, I am from Msambweni Kwale County. I just completed my secondary school education and am looking forward to join the university. 

I joined the Digitruck program in order to gain knowledge and skills on computers and to have access to technology.

I learned about the Digitruck program from friends. Personally I have benefitted from the program. I now have the skills to operate any digital device with ease and I can also do research on the internet. 

The Digitruck program has also impacted many youths in Msambweni. Most of the youth are usually idle but when the program came, they have at least been doing something beneficial to them. We all appreciate this. 

In five years to come, I will have acquired more knowledge in technology and also perfect my career in Health Records and Information. This is through the help of the Digitruck Program.

I would gladly recommend the Digitruck program to everyone because it is a good and educating program, that can enlighten people’s lives. 

What I would suggest the program to improve on is, first to add more computers so that many people can have a chance to learn and also increase the duration for the training. 

I would like to thank Huawei, Close The Gap and CFSK for bringing this program to us. It has really benefited many youths and they all appreciate. Thank you.